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Yukon Building

Founded in September of 1995, owned and operated by Mr. David Dowling. His career began in Florida building and remodeling luxury homes for Florida's elite. He developed a superior reputation for quality and economy and participated in several commercial and industrial developments.

One of his more challenging projects came when Pacific Tomato Growers asked him to combine their existing properties with additional privately held properties to develop the second largest tomato packing plant in this country.

That was the easy part. Following site development he was asked to demolish a 1920's wood frame packing plant that was handling, treating and packing 150,000 lbs./shift and replace it with a completely new plant composed of both reconditioned and new material handling and processing equipment, an improved working environment and a capacity over 300,000 lbs./shift. Doesn't sound too difficult until you consider that it had to be completed and tested between the Florida picking seasons which allowed a maximum of 4 months.