Timber Creek

The Timber Creek subdivision site is located in Superior Township, Washtenaw County Michigan. The property is presently a planned PC development consisting of 95 single family residential units. The subdivision is approved for two development phases on the 37.8 acre site.

The proposed housing development on this site is designed with moderately priced homes from $170.000 to $210.000. The subdivision layout was developed around the existing heavily treed property.  Sewer and water distribution is limited to three square miles within its thirty-six square miles in the township. Sewer and water are available at the site property lines. The site is accessed off Geddes and Clark connecting to Prospect Road, Superior’s main roads serving Washtenaw County and Superior Township. Superior Township is a school of choice community having no high schools within the Township. Ann Arbor Schools and Ypsilanti School districts serve the area. There are also highly rated Charter Schools and vocational-technical schools within the area. Ypsilanti Schools has recently been improved by the dissolution and absorption of the previous Willow Run Schools and additional funding for academic and athletic achievement acquired. A new school board for Ypsilanti Schools was appointed and completed in 2014. These recent changes will enhance the quality of the local education services provided in the area.

The overall Timber Creek development plan incorporates enhanced natural tree growth. All trees exceeding 6 inches in diameter have been surveyed and the species identified.

In 2023 we expect the properties in the area to see major signs of development. Presently developers are finishing out all existing developed properties that remained from the 2008 real-estate turndown. From 2016 through 2018 this inventory has been finished out and construction of single family and multi-family development in the neighboring properties are expected as plans are being reviewed for development presently.

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